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Friday, October 26, 2012

Melissa McCarthy Wants Off Mike & Molly

Have any of you seen the CBS sitcom Mike & Molly? It's horrible and they always make fun of the stars for not being size zero! The show is so audaciously unfunny that it should be a crime to even call it a sitcom. Anyways burgeoning superstar Melissa McCarthy wants off and is willing to do anything that she can to make her dream happen.

According to sources, the Emmy winner is not being pleasant on set. In fact they say that she is insufferable “She came back this season with a huge chip on her shoulder, and it’s creating a lot of tension and bad feelings on the set.” While I don't doubt that there is tensions on set, I would guess it's because she is becoming the break out star and not one of her other co-stars. I just wanted to stick this quote in because it sums everything up beautifully “It’s obvious she wants out of ‘Mike & Molly’ – now.”

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