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Monday, July 2, 2012

Cady McClains New Dream Project

Are All My Children fans missing their daily dose of Dixie Martin? Are As The World fans missing Rosanna Cabot? The actress behind those amazing characters, Cady McClain (duh! soap fans don't kill me!!) is working with David Watkins to create a soap opera comic book series. The project is called Whispering Hearts: A comic book/magazine, and Cady will star as "comic book heroine "Pearl Ainsely," head of a newspaper conglomerate that is "going digital" to survive." Whats even cooler is that many famous soap names will be 'joining' the series as the series goes on, from the email that I was sent  "It will also feature a rotating cast of soap stars (Jon Lindstrom, Austin Peck and Terri Conn have already signed on and Colleen Zenk is close to follow)" I am in touch with the lovely Cady and as I get more information about this "kid friendly project" I will bring it to you. 

For now go on over to Facebook and like it's page!!! They were looking for donors to help make this project a reality but their Kickstarter did not pan out. Maybe if we show enough interest, they can relaunch it!!! Let's give it a try Gossipers!!

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