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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ellen and Portia Fighting Over Melissa Etheridge?

You know what's sadder than me on a cold lonely Saturday? Lesbians fighting over a broken up lesbian couple. Such is the case with beloved talk show hostess Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia De Rossi, as alleged by the National Enquirer.

Apparently Ellen and Portia are taking sides in the Melissa Etheridge/Tammy Michaels break up and it is not pretty. Ellen is sticking by her good friend Melissa in the latest crazy chapter of her break up, which has Tammy asking for more child support.  “Ellen thinks Tammy is crazy and unrealistic for asking for more money,"

Portia though is siding with Tammy, saying that Melissa is being stingy to the mother of her children, the woman who gave up her alleged career to raise the kids. Portia is feeling a little like Tammy at the moment just without the kids or you know the giving up the career part. "Meanwhile, Portia thinks Melissa is being stingy with the mother of her kids. Portia feels that she can relate to Tammy because she gave up her acting career for Melissa, and Portia pretty much did the same thing for Ellen.” Here I have to disagree with the source, Portia has not given up her career for Ellen and will in fact be in a series on ABC soon I believe. 

““Ellen fired back that there are plenty of divorced moms who get by on a lot less than Tammy does, The bottom line is that Ellen is sticking by Melissa, and Portia is rooting for Tammy. The two rarely fight, but this has completely divided them.” Though there is humor in this for them though, it's almost like the plot of a sitcom. Maybe they will use it for their new show when it debuts. 

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