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Monday, April 16, 2012

Royal Rant: Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

All this Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie marriage talk has given me the alter bug. Not that I would rush a guy down the aisle with a shot gun or anything, though that's not a half bad idea, now that I think about it. No, instead it has gotten me thinking about being so in love with someone that I cannot imagine my life without him. Unfortunately that is not legal but I have several reasons why it should be or solutions to make things equal again.

The biggest argument is that it's against God, I say that a big spitwad of hooey, it says right in the bible that we are all made in God's image and God doesn't make mistakes. Homophobes use the bible to fuel their hate but really it's just their own insecurity that they are hiding, people fear the unknown and that is why the gay community needs to embrace the homophobes and show them some love.

That being said, marriage is not a religious issue, it is a government issue. There is supposed to be a separation of church and state so separate it damnit. The Church has no right to decide who gets rights and who doesn't, if they had their way we would all still be living in the 1800's and progress would never have been made. If the Catholic church does not want to welcome gay marriage or perform them fine, they are a business  and that is their choice but they have no right to influence the law.

If politicians like Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney want to keep denying us the rights that are afforded to us in the constitution then they should no longer take our tax money either. If we do not have the same rights, and make no mistake we are not asking for special rights as a lot of opponents like to say, then we should not have to pay the same taxes. It's kind of like going into Target watching a woman buy a dress, shoes, and purse with her bill totaling $50. You buy the same dress and your total is $50. You would never do that right? Well that's what gays have to do everytime they take money out of our paychecks. .

America, The United States is not built upon one religion, so why is one religion deciding laws for everyone? if you don't want gay marriage then simply don't have one. Friends have warned me that this comes across as anti-catholic, which I'm not. I am simply anti-hate and really dislike people telling me that I am a sinner when they are right there along side of me.

It is time for the Church to quit deciding which group of people gets rights and those that are denied them. It is time for the politicians, local, statewide, and national to start upholding the constitution of the United States  which guarantees every citizen the same rights and does not let one religious organization make the choices for populace.

Now I will get off my soapbox and go find a shot gun, I need to get the chapel with the ever hunky and adorable Darren Criss 

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