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Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Talk: Nudity

Over the weekend, I was studying the stats for this site and sister site Generation Hunk. When I say studying I mean a good old fashion look at what was in front of me; what is and is not working on each site and how I can  fix it so both sites are the best they can be.

One thing that astounded me, even though it shouldn't. Gay men and straight women are the biggest demographics for GG, not a bog shock right? Over on Hunk, it's straight women, I thought well that can't be right so I asked a few friends about it. They admitted to loving the pics of porn stars like James Deen and Jonathan howard, along with the hunks that they get on here like Channing Tatum and Chris Evans/

Do you like nudity? If so who do you want to see naked? 

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