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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GG Exposes Robs Sexuality

Ever since Twilight first movie debuted people have been debating the sexuality of the central actor, Robert Pattinson. Many fans were excited, and saddned when reports began circulating that the man of their dreams, was dating dating co-star Kristen Stewart.

Then earlier this year, Robert made a statement that once again began the rumor churning, once again putting his sexuality under a microscope. He confessed to hating vaginas, even going as far as to say he is allergic to them. "I really hate vaginas. I'm allergic to vagina." He said after doing aphoto shoot with naked women. A lot of people tried to laugh this off as his "Weird sense of humor"

This week however Rob may have painted himself into a corner. He talked about how, while filming a scene for Eclipse he made Taylors nipples hard and how he enjoyed doing so "I liked the tent scene because 
I have to grab Taylor's chest and his nipples get hard really easily," In the same interview Rob also talks about how Taylor is more manly than him and what made him feel better about that fact "Taylor quite frequently 
out-mans me, so seeing him 
in that little Spandex outfit 
made me feel much better 
about myself." and then in the most incriminating quote, he says he found Taylor ot be very attractive in the suit "He looked great 
in it, though. Very sexy!"

With all the overwhelming evidence that Rob could be gay, many of his female  fans held onto the fact that he was dating Kristin Stewart. Unfortunately reports began circulating this week that the co-stars relationship had come to an end. A break up between them doesn't necessarily mean that Rob is gay but it does fuel the fire and adds credence to the debate, especially after his comments about Taylor. 

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