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Friday, April 6, 2012

Blind: Slutty Director


You should not confuse today's Director with the "Director's Wife" blind item. I'm not sure they even know each other. Although, with as many guys as the Director's Wife has been with, it certainly is possible.

Our director is A list. Everyone would know his name. The thing about this director is that he is in love with himself and thinks he is a God, and imagines himself as a director from days gone by in Hollywood. The days where a director could do or say anything and be with anyone and never suffer any consequences. Our director has by his estimation had sex or sexualcontact with over 5,000 women. He thinks it would be much higher except he tired to be monogamous in a relationship for about a year and feels like it cut into his total. His one attempt at monogamy was with this A list celebrity. He considered it being faithful if he only had sex with someone else once or twice a week.

The celebrity finally tired of it after our director told her she needed to get a get checkup for the third time. Apparently the first two times did not convince her to leave.

Casting couch? Our director did not invent it but he has perfected it. You want a role in his movie? You got it. Everyone but the female leads has to audition at his house for speaking roles. He never has ugly women in his movies and he has had sex with most.

On one movie he shot, he and one of actors who was probably close to A list at the time each slept with the over 20 women who were on camera in the movie. They would do this in threes and fours.

Our director does not even bother to learn any woman's name unless he sees them more than three times. He is very good about not getting women pregnant despite the fact he does not believe in protected sex. Yes, even with hookers. He generally just throws money at them until they agree.

Our director has had to settle several sexual harassment suits because of women he has fondled, exposed himself to or hit on during shoots. One of his best friends who used to be an A+ list movie actor used to let him have sex with his wife whenever he wanted. Some people even say that one of the actor's children is actually the child of the director.

In return for allowing him to have sex with his wife, our director would make sure the actor knew about promising young male actors who needed some one on one acting lessons

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