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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blind Item Reveal: Demi Lovato

Blind Gossip

 Mom was worried about something much more important than her daughter’s increasingly wild and erratic behavior. She was worried about how public perception of that behavior would affect Girl’s career. So, after a particularly shocking incident, Mom decided to get Girl out of the public eye for a while by taking her away to another city.
Girl quickly got bored hiding out in the hotel, so Mom flew in one of Girl’s friends, and the two of them spent a couple of weeks shopping and getting spa treatments… while Mom came up the concept of “reh*b”. It was a calculated way for Girl to continue to stay out of the public eye for an extended period of time. More importantly, as long as Mom and Girl never admitted that she was going there for dr*g- or alc*hol-related problems, it would be difficult for people to criticize Girl when she got out. So, Girl was sent off to “rehab” for unspecified problems.
Now you know that it was all a public relations move and that Girl was in treatment for a much shorter amount of time she and Mom claim. And while we’re glad that Girl actually did wind up getting help with some of her very real issues, her best chance at true recovery will happen when she starts being honest. That’s going to be difficult with such a scheming mother.
Most Popular and My Guess: Lindsay Lohan
Answer: Demi Lovato


  1. No sorry. This doesn't make sense. If she was hiding out in a hotel, then there would have been actual evidence of her BEING in said hotel. You mean to tell me that an international popstar who can't be photographed without a pap in her face is hanging out in a HUGE public city and going un noticed? I call BS on this blind item. Not to mention that this was an old rumor from over two years ago. And blindgossip JUST got wind of this rumor? Man blindgossip sure is pretty lazy

    Also how could they have spent weeks shopping and getting spa treatments when the name of Demi's rehab center was exposed within DAYS of the news being leaked? News broke out that she went to rehab in late october and just DAYS later we found out WHAT rehab center she went to.

    As far as going for a MUCH shorter period of time, I call BS on this as well. There were doctors who gave her a FULL write off for her completed treatment. There would be actual EVIDECE and records of her leaving against doctors wishes. There are too many inconsistencies in this blind article for it to be true. IF she was away for weeks how come we got the name of her rehab center within days? If she was out getting spa treatments and went shopping, how come there is no photographic evidence showing that? This is inconsistent at best.

    I'd laugh at Blindgossip if they werent so pathetic.

  2. Not a fan of BG Anon? They had the blind out a while ago but revealed it last week, the day before I posted it I believe

    1. Well I am a fan of their ignorant readers who believe ever word that comes out of their mouths. That kind of amuses me. As well as the fact that this blind has been a twitter rumor since 2011. They're just rehashing old rumors and stupid people are just dumb enough to see it as something "new" I do admit their ignorance is quite amusing.

  3. “Not a fan of BG Anon? They had the blind out a while ago but revealed it last week, the day before I posted it I believe”

    I'm not a fan of lazy douche bags who reveal blind items an entire YEAR after they came out only because of old twitter rumors. BG's sources are about as reliable as the 2 year old blabbing about aliens. Although I gotta admit Ace's mentally inept fanbase does amuse me seeing as how they believe every rumor that comes their way. God bless the stupid :)