Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Did Ted Casablanca Out George Clooney??

Well well well, it seems as if Ted Casablanca, the infamous blogger from E!, has outed politically charged Oscar winner George Clooney. Now let me be clear that the language I am going to share with you in no way indicates that George Clooney is gay but it does seem as if Ted C wants us to think that he is.

While writing a blind about "Barry Wanger-Banger" about a gay man who is marrying his clueless girlfriend, Ted dropped this little tid bit "Even George Clooney knows not to invite the gals over while he’s playing B-ball with the boys! Why can’t Barry figure this simple rule out?" Not cool, even if the remark was innocent it certainly leads people to think that GC's being outed. 

Posters over at Blindgossip picked up on this as well with many of them questioning if this was the intention or not. I am hoping against hope that Ted, as a gay man himself, would not out someone but something tells me that is exactly what is happening here.

What do you think? Was George Clooney outed?
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