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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blind Item Reveal: Nick Jonas

Blind Gossip

Which pretty twenty-something star is currently wreaking havoc among three famous show biz families?
She is fake dating a guy in the first family. At the same time, she is real dating a guy in the second family. And that guy is supposedly involved/co-parenting  with a girl from the third family.
Despite all the chaos, though, we see the good in the situation. It’s good for the Girl. It’s good for the Guy. And it will all probably be reported as some sort of musical chairs love triangle, with lots of drama and publicity for the Girl and the Guy and their project/s… and lots of sympathy and support for those they hurt. So, good for everybody!
No guesses but this is quite scandalous
Answer: Delta Goodrem/Nick Jonas/Joel Madden/Nicole Richie

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