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Sunday, July 31, 2011

GG Reviews: Sing You Home

Jodi Picoult is an author unlike any other. A book club I am part of read 'MySisters Keeper' and I was skeptical at first. I must admit that Jodi is not my typical kind of author. When we discussed the book, there was a lot of joking about the running theme of fire through out the book.

If we were to choose to read 'Sing you Home' as our next book, the running theme would be snow. Seriously it seems as though every other page there is a massive snow storm. It's not a judgement, rather an interesting piece of information on the book.

the first 100 pages or so is nothing but plot points, some given the bums rush just to advance the book along. Sometimes this approach works, but other times it leaves with the feeling of whiplash. Main character Zoe goes from being happily married to a modern day Job in the flick of a page. Zoe's husband goes from being a stand up guy to drunkard to religious zealot before you can comprehend the last twist. For this the book suffers greatly, and yet you feel compelled to read on.

The biggest plot hole with the book is that Zoe goes from being in love with Max to being in love with Vanessa in less time than it takes the sun to melt all of the snow. I won't give much away but once the relationship with Vanessa and Zoe is established, thats when the book begins to feel like a true Jodi book.

Here is where the book gets good, and really captured my attention. rather than being preachy and one sided, Jodi shows the argument for and against gay rights. Her story telling is so vivid, her descriptions so clear that you can imagine these people. Though Max should be the least sympathetic character, he manages to maintain his integrity, because he admits he doesn't know whats right or wrong.

Once they enter the courtroom, over a fight for the embryo's (pre-born children as one lawyer calls them) Jodi once again picks up the pace but this time it feels authentic. there twists and turns that you don't seecoming and all of these feel as though they are very true to the characters.

No matter what side of the issue of gay rights you're on, you should treat yourself to this book. Especially on a snowy day

Royal Recomends: Between Boyfriends

Being a soap fan, reading that Between Boyfriends main character Steven Bartholomew Ferrante is a producer on the fictional If Tomorrow Never Comes, I was intrigued. Many a time I have read a book with soaps as a back drop and it seems as though the author is making fun of the soaps rather than celebrating them. This book however straddles the line, yes they can be absurd but real life is sometimes even more bizarre than what we see on our TV screens.

The plot is actually simple enough, Steven, after being dumped four years prior, is still looking for the perfect mate. With the supporting cast of characters being even more amusing than Steven, the highlight being Sebastien who is sex crazed and fun. He is also lusted after by the other characters, even if he is a "second tier friend."

Steven being neurotic would easily turn this story into a cartoon, but Michael Salvatore keeps the story tight and moves it along at just the right pace. He is also not afraid to use twists that would make even the most avid soap fan roll their eyes. Steven jealous of current boyfriend Brians relationship with his best friend Rodrigo uses colorless hair color to try and ruin Rodrigo by turning his hair green. The plot backfires when Brian turns up with the green hair setting up the next arc of mistrust.

The best subplot is that if Stevens best friend Flynn and his boyfriend Lucas. Lucas is a star on If Tomorrow Never Comes, and inexplicably becomes a better actor after being injured. After a chance meeting a Starbucks Flynn and Lucas begin the love affair that ultimately defines the book. unconditional love is very hard to come by and yet the arc between these 2 men is that of that very thing,

With just enough plot twists to keep the reader hooked, and improbable turns that make you realize real life is truly stranger than fiction, Between boyfriends manages to keep the level of drama up and not miss the chance for a great piece of comedy. Hopefully Michael Salvatore decides to revisit these friends and let us know what happens next in their lives. but If Tomorrow Never Comes at least we had today

Soap Sense: Blind Item Edition


One Life To Live

 One major vet is not even being approached for the new deal (not happy there at all).

My Guess: Robin Strasser

Hunk Of The Week: Scott Evans

Royal Rant: Why Kish Was Fired

Last week was the firing heard around daytime. Beloved super couple Kyle and Fish (KISH to OLTL fans) were let go. But wait not really, Scott Evans (Oliver Fish) was never put on contract, and has been recurring with the show since his debut, so really only Brett Claywell (Kyle) was let go. 

Immediately fans were outraged and accused ABC of having an anti-gay agenda, yet Scott Clifton (Schulyer Jones) was fired and there was no outrage. I love KISH and want them to stay, however if the rumors are to be believed pat of the reason they were actually let go is because one (believed to be Brett) was partying to hard, held up taping and caused delays in the production schedule. I can see why they may let him go, truly if anyone was to show up to work drunk or cost your company a ton of money you would lose your job. If Brett was the problem then recast him, keep the character around have him in the other room, at the hospital until the role is able to be recast with someone as talented as Brett Claywell.

Of course there is the other half of KISH to think about. As it was stated Scott Evans was never offered a contact, and has been on recurring since he began on the show. While a lot has been of the KISH firings, it's simply not true of Scott, his status remains unchanged. The biggest reasoning behind his being involved in the "firing" is because he is not available and it was causing production issues, and massive rewriting of major story. A "source" said “[The other actor] was ‘not available’ on certain days, making for massive rewrites and rescheduling. One Life fought so hard to blaze this trail and now they’re being punished for it. Unlike Brett, Scott had no incentive to make himself available whenever the show choose to use him. He was not on contract when clearly he should have been, not only was part of a major story but he is one of the most popular actors on the show. If they had offered him a contract he would have been forced to show up and it would have shown the support to the ongoing story.

Why support, or make an argument for Scott but Brett? First and foremost Scott had no control over his situation and had no responsibility to OLTL because they refused to sign him to a contract. Brett clearly made bad choices and should be punished for his actions. While it needs not be said again, KISH is one major attraction to the show and they should salvage those characters as best they can. Put Scott on contract and have him play out a story with Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser) maybe Fish is a long lost Cramer male. This way fans still get to see a popular character and actor on the show. Of course this could all be moot seeing as how Scott is rumored to be up for a pilot, something he hinted at on his twitter account "I have some pretty big decisions to make. Things are definitely gonna change"  he then debunked the theory that he planned on leaving OLTL "I have no plans to leave OLTL everyone. It's not even really in my hands!" And he reiterated that again the day the news broke "Anyone who thought my tweets were foreshadowing, that is not the case. Tweets were for something completely different. This is news to me." 

At the end of the day neither Scott or Brett will have trouble securing work, and seeing as how Scott is still recurring it shouldn't be  too hard to convince him to sign a contract. OLTL owes it to the audience to see this "trailblazing" story to the end. What was and will be seen in the comingdays is not the end of this story. Gay characters should be given the samerespect as their straight counterparts. Affairs, amnesia, if they want to make a political statement, have Fish get shot in the line of duty and Kyle not be able to see him because they are not married. Or be honest with the audience and say one actor is a drunk and the other is not available, so they have to be written off for a bit until things can be worked out.

Mandy's Musings: Where The Disappointment Is

Mandy's Musings: Where The Disappointment Is
By Mandy Bates

On any given weekend, “Where the Heart Is” will be playing on Lifetime, Oxygen or any of the other “chick flick” stations.  And that’s where I always am, vegged out on the couch watching it.  It’s one of my favorite movies. So when I found out it was based on a book, I couldn’t believe it!  Books are always a hundred times better than movies!  It took me forever to get acopy of Billie Letts’ book, and it was even an Oprah book club selection! This had to be great, right?  

Wrong.  Of all the books that have been made into movies, this has to be the worst.  Book-wise of course, because the worst MOVIE to come out of a BOOK was sadly Queen of the Damned, based on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.  But never, never, never ever has the movie been better than the book.  Sure, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter movie had a better ending than the one in the book, but overall the book won by a landslide.  I love all the Harry Potter movies (except GOF), but the books are much preferred. I’ve read each book so many times that they’ve come unbound, but I’ve onlywatched the movies a couple times each (except DH because no one will go with me!!!)  So imagine my sadness when Where the Heart Is the book turned out to be so horrible. 

It’s really not very well written, the characters have no dimension.  Forney never stops being a nut job, Lexie never stops being horny, Sister and Mr. Sprock never get much more than they do in the movie, although Moses has a wife and father in the book.  They seem like they COULD have some depth if allowed.  One scene came close to being written to the point where I could actually forget that I was reading and get lost, but not quite.  And when Novalee kisses the 17-year-old boy she met when he was ten, I almost puked.  Even though she only did it because his birthday was in three minutes and he’d never been kissed before. 

And Willy Jack… at least in the movie, he gets some sort of redemption, albeit a very small amount.  In the book, there’s no way to give a damn about this guy, even though he takes up a large chunk of the pages.  His intentions all along are evil, from the minute they get in the car till he’s laying in the hospital bed.  The book tries to redeem him right here, saying he knew Americus’s name and that he knew from almost the beginningwhere they were.  But that just makes me dislike him more.  I didn’t feel sorry for him when he got arrested for something he didn’t do, when he got raped in prison, when the doctor tortured him, when he got lost in drugs and alcohol, not at all.  He was too one-dimensional and flat.  And the ending of the book, don’t even get me started on that!  I won’t say, because I know some of you are going to give the book a chance anyway, and I don’t want to ruin it for you, but it’s not like in the movie, although some of the lines are used word-for-word. 

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to enjoy my once-favorite movie anymore after reading this crap.  Major kudos to whomever adapted the book into screenplay.  I guess we’ll find out the next time Oxygen channel airs Where the Heart Is, which will probably be in a couple hours.  Or definitely within a couple days.  It’s on all the time!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

GG Exposes: Elizabeth/Debbie/Eddie

Before Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie, Before Ryan Phillippe left Reese Witherspoon for Abbi Cornish, there was Eddie Fisher left Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor. This triangle is not as clean cut  as it appeared to be at the time. Elizabeth was not necessarily the vixen that she was made out to be at the time.

Elizabeth met Eddie and Debbie from second husband Mike Todd, who also happened to be Eddie's best friend. Many people say that Elizabeth was the most content when she was with Mike. On March 22, 1958 her life would be altered forever and surprisingly would be the beginning of the twisted, tortured triangle. That was the day when Mike's plane The Lucky Liz would crash. Before he took off he kissed her several times, not wanting to let her go. She told author J. Randy Taraborelli , that she recalls him saying "I'm too happy, and I'm afraid that something's going to happen because I'm too happy."

Elizabeth was very ill that night and as her temperature rose, so did her gut feeling that something wasn't right. Mike was suppose to call her at 6 in themorning when he landed in Albuquerque but that call never came. The plane had crashed and burned everyone in it. The only that was recovered from the wreck was Mike's wedding ring.

Elizabeth was so struck with grief she almost didn't make it to the private funeral in Chicago for her beloved. She got the courage from Eddie Fisher. Since Eddie and Mike were so close, Eddie understood the impact Mikes death was having on Elizabeth. Reynolds offered to stay with Elizabeths kids when she tried to use them as an excuse not to attend the funeral. During the flight from LA to Chicago Elizabeth clung to Eddie, using hm as both literal and figurative support.

Despite being the "perfect" couple, problems plagued the marriage of Eddie and Debbie from the beginning. Their daughter Carrie was born the first year, so they were trying to keep the marriage going, and they did so with inspiration from Elizabeth and Mike. However with Mikes death a bond began to form between Elizabeth and Eddie.

A few months after the tragedy that brought them closer both Eddie and Elizabeth began to wonder f they could be a couple. In her thinking she wanted to replace Mike with his best friend Eddie. Debbie Weighed in on the triangle many years after it happened "In the old days, if Elizabeth saw a man she wanted, she got him, no matter who she stepped over, She laughs a lot about why in the world she wanted Eddie. It was just because Mike Todd had died, and Eddie was his best friend. She thought she should be with him so they could talk about Mike Todd all the time."

In her thinking Debbie and Eddie were doomed anyway, So Elizabeth decided to go full force ahead. "She's in show business and didn't get to the top of he profession by being weak kneed. She must have some inherent strength,"  She also concdes now "We did whatever the hell we wanted to do and then waited for the consequences." And the consequences would not be far behind. The press and fans who had once been very sympathetic to the newly widowed Elizabeth began to call her a "hussy" and "homewrecker."

Even though the press and some fans had called for a boycott of her movies, Elizabeths career didn't suffer. In fact her loyal fans came out in droves to help her movies make money and keep her a viable Hollywood "property"

A movie offer would ultimately once again change the course of Hollywood history. She would sign on to play the title character in Cleopatra, where should meet Richard Burton. That relationship is fodder for another story though. At the end of their marriage Eddie asked for spousal support from Elizabeth, which ticked her off. Since his divorces from both women he has not spoken with either. Despite feuding for years, earlier this decade Debbie and Elizabeth made up and are once again friends!

GG Exposes: Matthew A Womanizer

What would Figgins say about this? Mr. Schuster was accused of being a player last year on Glee after making out, and spending the night with three different women within a shirt amount of time. Apparently portrayer Matthew Morrison is much, much worse than that. In the new issue of Details he actually brags about sleeping with a lot of dancers when he was young.

Before getting to that though, let's go back to his former fiancĂ©e, Chrishell Stause's accusations of infidelity while they were engaged.  “I decided to break off our engagement, because I believed he was seeing other people and just wasn’t ready to fully commit.” Now with the interview he gave, her accusations actually hold a lot of weight and should make people start to wonder, what kind of man he really is. 

"There was so much opportunity, There were all these beautiful, beautiful dancers…I definitely hooked up with a lot of girls when I was a young guyon Broadway. It was exciting. Very joyous and free." He bragged in the interview with Details. Of course he needed to throw in that the dancerwere of the female variety, God forbid someone say he is a homosexual. 

Lest you think he was an immoral sex addict, you can rest assured that he wasn't promiscuous while he was a teen. He lost his virginity at 21 and is not comfortable with good looks. "I'm not comfortable with the idea of my sex appeal, but I know in my job I have to use it, I wish I could say I got to this point in my career based on my talent, but I don't think that's true." Matt rest assured you have a lifetime to prove yourself with talent. 

GG Exposes Robs Sexuality

Ever since Twilight first movie debuted people have been debating the sexuality of the central actor, Robert Pattinson. Many fans were excited, and saddned when reports began circulating that the man of their dreams, was dating dating co-star Kristen Stewart.

Then earlier this year, Robert made a statement that once again began the rumor churning, once again putting his sexuality under a microscope. He confessed to hating vaginas, even going as far as to say he is allergic to them. "I really hate vaginas. I'm allergic to vagina." He said after doing aphoto shoot with naked women. A lot of people tried to laugh this off as his "Weird sense of humor"

This week however Rob may have painted himself into a corner. He talked about how, while filming a scene for Eclipse he made Taylors nipples hard and how he enjoyed doing so "I liked the tent scene because 
I have to grabTaylor's chest and his nipples get hard really easily," In the sameinterview Rob also talks about how Taylor is more manly than him and what made him feel better about that fact "Taylor quite frequently 
out-mans me, so seeing him 
in that little Spandex outfit 
made me feel much better 
about myself." and then in the most incriminating quote, he says he found Taylor ot be very attractive in the suit "He looked great 
in it, though. Very sexy!"

With all the overwhelming evidence that Rob could be gay, many of his female  fans held onto the fact that he was dating Kristin Stewart. Unfortunately reports began circulating this week that the co-stars relationship had come to an end. A break up between them doesn't necessarily mean that Rob is gay but it does fuel the fire and adds credence to the debate, especially after his comments about Taylor

GG Exposes Tommy Mottola

This could possibly help answer the MV blind.

This week the man in the middle of some of the most scandalous Lohan drama was not patriarch Michael but rather Former Head of  Sony Music, Tommy Mottola. In a tweet that has been attributed to a hacker on Michael Lohans account was an accusation that the powerful man had an affair with a then 17 year old Lindsay Lohan.Lindsay offered this denial about her father " why wouldn’t he lie on Twitter, and everywhere else!"

Before we deal with this scandal let's move reverse time for a bit.  Back in the 70's Tommy converted to Judaism and married Lisa Clark. The couple appeared to be happy until a soon to be superstar came roaring into their lives. In 1992 Lisa and Tommy divorced and within months in 1993 Tommy married Mariah Carey.

Mariah and Tommy were only married a short time. The marriage was not a happy one for Mariah who told Allure magazine "I longed for someone to come kidnap me back then. I used to fantasise about that a lot. I'd have my pocketbook with me at all times in case I had to make an escape." Rumors that Tommy would spy on her and told servants not to look his bride in the eye have yet to be confirmed but they were not denied either. 

They seperated in 1997, with the divorce being finalized a year later. After his second divorce and before his third marriage he dated a variety of women, including Jennifer Lopez. He was credited with helping her get her music career off the ground. That help though has landed him and her as the main suspects in the MV blind item. The blind says in essence a back up singer was singing tracks for the 'real' star because the back up singer didn't have the right look. She was paid handsomely for the job but then thechecks stopped coming in and she went to CDAN runner Enty Lawyer and had him help her take care of the problem. It was soon settled, and it became the most popular blind item over at CDAN. For a while popular guessed included Shania Twain and Britney Spears, however clues soon pointed to Jennifer Lopez and Tommy as the orchestrator. Only 4 people know if this guess is correct and they are not talking. 

After his string of high profile girlfriends, he settled down with Mexican singing star Thalia in 2000. In 2002 the king of pop Michael Jackson accused Tommy of being a racist. It started small "Tommy Mottola is a devil." then Michael started expounding on his immense displeasure with Tommy "mean ... a racist ... and very, very, very devilish."

2003 is when Tommy is accused of having the affair with a then 17 year old Lindsay Lohan. It was during this time that the troubled starlet was recording her first album which Tommy was an executive producer on. A year later in 2004 it was widely reported that Thalia had filed for divorce. The singer quickly tries to squash those rumors but they never went away.

Only time will tell if Tommy will ever confess to alleged affair he had with Lindsay or any number of the scandals

GG Exposes: Y&R Racist Allegations

In the first video alone Victoria Rowell drops major bombshells about her departure from "The Young And The Restless." In an explosive tell all interview Victoria alleges that daytime divas Michelle Stafford and Melody Thomas par took in some racist stunts. Michelle allegedly spit on Victoria, and Melody an around in a afro wig to "mock" Victoria and her diversity. According to the former daytime superstar Sony bosses had to come to the set and get an apology from both of the actress' who are both still with the show.

Even more stunning Victoria claims that she decided to leave after she was told the show had never let someone in the cast direct or write. She also wonders why the producers had to put out a petition to see if the cast wanted her to return to the show. Especially since over at sister show Bold and The Beautiful Susan Flannery has been allowed to direct episodes.

Kristoff St. John backed up her claims by saying that because he led the charge to bring her back, he was passed over for story lines for months. Darius McCarty who took over the role of Malcolm Winters is asking why things have to be "black and white" with her. Ms. Rowell claims that Kristoff makes less than some of his white colleagues. In fact she alleges that her former co-star has taken 50% pay cuts 2 or 3 times already.

Costumes also seem to be on the agenda for Victoria. She alleges that she was asked to keep the tags inside her costume, and that she feels this was harassment. And this seems to be just one of many run ins between her and the producers of the show. A producer from The Price Is Right backs up claims that CBS does ask their "black talent" to do little things that can seem a bit racist.

Is this a case of sour grapes as is suggested at the end of the second video? Or are there real claims in there?

GG Exposes: Mickey Killed Erica

As much as I hate to say it, thanks to Ravenbeauty I have been on the forefront of the soaps cancellation from the beginning. Though there are naysayers about my friend, she has been right nearly every time, including Roger Howarth joining the cast of One Life To Live again. That is why I have no doubts when she says that ABC is feeling the heat butDisney execs decided that we soap fans would simply get over it.

When Disney first bought ABC it seemed like they just wanted a place that would be one long infomercial for their products/movies/theme parks. Remember when Roseanne and all the sitcoms were forced to writeepisodes surrounding the theme parks. I do and they sucked, well Roseannes were funny but the rest just tried too hard. In any case apparently the giant conglomerate never really cared about the network and only bnought to make a few bucks and what not, Raven revealed "Disney does not care very much about ABC (they never have which is evident)."

Raven also informs us that while targeting ABC is good, we need to focus our energies on bringing down the Mouse house, the ones that truly are klilling Erica Kane and Dorian Lord. "I have just heard from my sources that warned me that all of this was coming, which is how I was able to give fans a very early heads up. They are informing me that although ABC is feeling the heat, Disney is laughing us off completely. That we are going after the wrong monster. We have definitely made progress, and our voices are being heard loud and clear, but I am hearing that Disney feels very untouched by all of this because we haven't been aiming for the heart." Which is why I propose we hit Disney where it hurts. From what other sources are telling me, we are on the right track and some Disney execs are no longer laughing off what the call the 'Soap Fan Movement' with their documaentary 'African Cats' failing to land in the top 5 this weekend, as previous efforts have.

With all that being said, we need to continue to show Disney, and Disney (and ABC) sponsors that we have the power, and every choice we make will effect those around us. If I buy Excederin, people around me will too. I will only continue to buy Excederin if they pull their ads from ABC!!!! Let's work together to save All My Children and One Life To Live, together we can do it!!!

GG Exposes: The Hating Of The Babs

She's a journalistic icon! She created The View! Celebs and pseudo-celebs clamor to be part of her most fascinating people lists! However there is very little love for Barbra Walters elsewhere.  I learned this the hard way when l did what was suppose to be an innocent story about how Babs had a nightmare that she was as hated as Rosie O'Donnell. When I checked GG on my phone I was astounded to find that there were already 15 comments posted on it, in just 5 minutes another 8 comments were added, none of them kind to Ms. Walters.

Part of it was the treatment Barbra gave to daytime icon Susan Lucci when she visited The View to promote her storyline on All My Children and her memoir. When the classy Susan was talking about being called into a meeting with the execs before news of the cancellations took place, Barbra glibly replied "We get worried when they call us into meetings too, just kidding" Not nice Barbra. A Gossiper who goes by Shadow said this "I do hate the old bat. Babs was snarky to Susan Lucci when she guested on The View. She had to blurt out about The Views Emmy noms rather than allow Susan to finish her thought. " If there's one thing you do not so it's treat our Susan with so much disrespect!!

Another source of unhappiness with viewers and Barbra comes in the form of her defending her boss Brian Frons. Apparently on quite a few occasions after what is dubbed "black Thursday" when AMC and One Life To Live were axed from the schedule, she defended her boss. Normally this would be admirable but it is common knowledge that Brian was not a soap fan and infact wanted ABC Daytime out of the soap business for a while. An anonymous gossiper said "She lied for the most hated man in television Brian Frons when she said that he was so upset at having to cancel the ABC soaps that he was in tears. In reality he couldn't care less. Ofcorse no one likes her."  Another Anonymous person wrote this "Despite this, I always respected and liked Barbara Walters UNTIL SHE LIED ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AND TOLD HER AUDIENCE THAT FRONS TEARED UP OVER THE CANCELLATION OF AMC AND OLTL. The moment I read that, I knew that BARBARA WALTERS HAD BECOME A SHILL for the MOST HATED MAN IN TELEVISION - Brian Frons. Give me an effing break! " Yep Brian Frons destroyed the soaps and has ruined the reputation of Barbra Walters. 

A lot of people, and I do mean a lot of people are also upset with Ms. Walters because she allows the discrimination of older viewers. One Gossiper replied "Listen up Barbara you need to start speaking up for all of us over the age of 49! We are not being counted in the viewership ratings." Yet another one added "Yes, I am very offended to know that just because I am 56 years old now, I do not count for the ratings! Huh - how old are you now? You shouldn't even be bringing in ratings then! Ridiculos!!!" 

It's sad when a legend falls, and it seems as though Barbra has fallen, and fallen hard. Obviously there are comeback stories but how many times has that happened to an older person, especially someone who has so much going against them. Barbra Walters is no Betty White!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Picture Of The Day: Chris Shows His Hotness

Blind Item Reveal: Julia Roberts


This pregnant almost A list movie actress who only does cameos ontelevision just found out her A list movie actor cheated on her with this A list movie actress who is not pregnant, but has kids with her husband.

Most Popular And My Guess: Penelope Cruz/Javier Bardem/ Julia Roberts

Answer: Penelope Cruz/Javier Bardem/ Julia Roberts

Blind Item Reveal: Axl Rose


This A list long time rocker from one of the biggest rock groups ever has a secret. Although he has encouraged a reputation that he is a ladies man and has dated supermodels in the past, he did so knowing he has a very small peen. Extra small. Small as his first name in inches. So small that when he goes on tour he only ever has sex with groupies that have had several of the band or road crew first. Our singer feels like this way she will be tired and not notice how small he is.

Most Popular And My Guess: Mick Jagger

Answer: Axl Rose

Blind Item Reveal: Jeremy Piven


This B list television actor who has alternated between middling movies and a successful cable show was at dinner two nights ago when the waitress began flirting with him. Our actor, who was with two other guys said, “Look. Lets just cut to the chase. If you are so into me, then lets go to the bathroom, you can bl*w me and I can get back to my dinner.” The waitress walked away and got someone else to serve the table.

Most Popular Guess: Jermey Piven

My Guess: John Corbett

Answer: Jeremy Piven