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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blind: Why Women Don't Want Smokey

Ted C

Why Are Gals Passing on Well Equipped Player? Poor, poor Smokey Shooter. First, he and his gal couldn’t really work out the domestic thing, then he and his honey called it quits, oh, no!
They were such a cute couple. But you’ll either be really sad or really happy to hear Smokey’s wasted no time in moving on from his ex lady-love. Only problem being his new love interests all seem to have the same two complaints about the good-lookin’ actor with a fair amount of movie cred:
Actually, make that one and a half complaints, because some gals aren’t so bothered by one of this dude’s, uh, problems, as it were. Namely, that he’s just too big. And we’re not talkin’ just the guy’s ego, honeys.
Add to that sometime painful attribute the fact that Smokey has a fondness for solving his flatulence issues while in bed with his various women.
Result? Some gals pretend not to notice. Others scold Smokey with mock disbelief. Few are so upset they don’t give Smokey another go. In fact, make that all.
Which is probably why Smokey’s never seemed to really care about giving his women warning, once he finds himself on the verge of breaking wind.
OK, I understand why a lotta gals put up with crap like not lifting the toilet seat, but, why more babes don’t give this babe grief for acting like he’s in a Jim Carrey movie is beyond me.
Does size really matter that much?
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