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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Soap Sense

What has happened to soaps? In a time not too far forgotten they used to incorporate holidays into their storylines. Somehow, somewhere along the way producers and writers have forgotten that sometimes real life is thegreatest gift for them to use.

My poor, poor All My Children is in dire need of some good news. With their David Hayward mystery they really have stumbled. What could have been an intriguing, solid, classic mystery has delved into a hot mess. With many fans unhappy, I want to remind them how good the show used to be. Back in the 90's the show used Halloween (did you think I forgot the theme of the article)to re-introduce possibly the best villain they have ever had, Janet "From Another Planet" Green. Her daughter and a few other kids went into the woods and found a "witch".Eventually she began her reign of terror again.

What I'm hoping the writers do this time around with David, is something scary and creative. David was "haunting" Greenlee already, but only when no one was around. So what if David misses his grandson AJ so much that he can't stay away? AJ sees grandpa David and tells the adults around him about what he has been seeing. With his troubled behavior already, the adults think that he is very unstable until JR finds a clue that David is really alive.

Unlike AMC, I don't have a history with The Bold And The Beautiful, but they seem to have really great costumes, especially for the men. They hadresident hunks Owen and Rick in basically a piece of cloth and babypowder.What I would like to see B&B do for Halloween is throw a costume party, where the population of the show gets together and secrets, storylines explode and twists. Maybe Jackie and Rock kiss again and bothstart to have feelings for one another while Owen and Bridget realize their better off as co-parents not lovers. The show stopper I have in Mind? Stephanie, dressed as death comes in and reveals to her her shockedloved ones that she is dying and wants to be with Brooke.

Truly I wish the shows would once again go about incorporating these little holidays into their show plans because they mean so much to other people, and can help move stories. And in the all important November sweeps, you can't go wrong with the cards stacked in your favor.

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