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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Soap Sense

For the first column back after the new year, I decided it had to be a dozy. What gets fans, specifically soap fans talking more than sex? that led me down a whole  path and got my brain working, a shocker right. Sex on soaps usually spells doom for a couple, and I really want to know why that is.

Almost everyone, every couple has sex but if we were in a soap there'd be lots of drama coming from it. If a happy couple has sex on any soap but we'll call All My Children out on it this time, there is drama on the horizon for them. Jake and Amanda were chugging along happily, then they had sex out of the blue and suddenly Cara is in town. Now make no mistake the story has me on the edge of my seat and everyone involved is very talentedand brings their A-game. The point is that they had sex and Cara showed up, almost as if they cast a spell for a storyline.

Another storyline that was ramped up because of sex on AMC was Liza, Damon, Tad and Colby. For so long all the characters were snoozy and boring, then Damon is leaving Pine Valley and suddenly the writers/producers exploit the very evident chemistry between Damon and Liza's portrayers. Once again the fallout, the storyline is excellent and everyone including Natalie Hall (Colby) is on fire, if they knew sex would really invigorate this section of the canvas, why not have Damon/Liza hook up before now?

Over on One Life To Live, Bo thinks he had sex with Inez, which effectively has destroyed his marriage to beloved Nora. Here's one instance where having sex (or not in this case) really wrecked the story. Why tell viewers right off the bat that Inez and Bo didn't hook up? A little mystery would have added to the story and fed better into 'Who Killed Eddie Ford' story and would have caused even more ripple effects when the truth did come out.

And what would a column about sex be without talking about The Bold And Beautifuls notorious sex addict, Brooke Logan. Last year message boards lit up when it was revealed that Brooke had sex with her daughters teenage boyfriend, and claimed she thought it was her husband. Apparently she has no feeling left in her "na-na" or the boy was the um exact size of Brookes on/off husband Ridge. Come on people lets deal with this realistically, have Brooke admit that she is a sex addict and her and ridge embark on an open marriage. That type of storyline would really jazz up any soap but fits right in with the campy style that B&B employs.

INstead of making sex a special event, or the launch of a new storyline, letshope the soaps make it a part of everyday or nearly everyday life.

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