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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crazy Soap Lady Talks Sports

Argh!!!! Once again Princess Mandy ruins my plan. To make matters worse, Gossipers I was going to do an homage to her. The idea I had pitched was a fantasy date with Johnny M, Kellan Lutz, Abraham Lincoln and of course myself. But no SHE has to go and pitch an article about Joey Rodriguez or whatever his name is. Which of course led to today being sports day here. I was told either do a sports column or take the week off. Yea like I would do that.

I don't follow sports, unless of course it's on the tv and the men are bending over showing their behinds. Have you ever watched football and found yourself glued to the seat because the pitcher or whoever throws the ball is bending over, it happens to me a lot. That Tom Manning and Peyton Brady yum! Why can't the porn mags get them to bare all instead of the Levi Johnstoner.

Think about how many female (and some male) fans would enjoy seeing these athletes bare their booties. Whatever they do on the field, would be seen by so many more people if athletes wee a bit more forthcoming with their skin.  Alex Rodriguez (yes I know his name, here's why) has slept with half of Hollywoods leading ladies, including a woman I swear is older than me but looks 12, Madonna. Why can't he give the rest of us ladies a thrill and show his baseball bat?

That tennis hunk Andy Aggasi let his slip out of his shorts one time and he has more fans for it. Think of the tight little shorts he wears showing off hisgorgeous bubble butt. Makes me one very happy old lady. Come on the rest of you athletes show off what the good lord gave you!!!

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