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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Casting Couch: Brothers Day Part

In the last post, it was revealed that Gossipers really would like to see recent cancelled drama Brothers and Sisters become a daytime drama. Now we look at who could possibly play the characters that we had come to love over the last five seasons.

Replacing Sally Field is damn near impossible. After all who would ever be good enough to take over a role that the Flying Nun played? Well my pick would be Erika Slezak, who has won like a million Emmy's and for good reason, she's very very good. Plus as the matriarch on One Life To Live she would be used to the chaos that the Walkers always bring with them!! Playing Noras rival should be Susan Lucci, we hear that after this fall she may be availible and the fireworks between 2 of daytimes finest would be epic!

Taking over the role of Kevin should be the very handsome and talented Jacob Young. The Emmy winner hasn't had a real acting challenge in years, and playing gay would be one for the married father I think. Pair Jacob's Kevin with another pretty blonde Justin Torkildsen. They both played the role of Rick on Bold And the Beautiful and I would bet money they would have the best chemistry ever!!! Or maybe I just want to watch two hotblondes make out.

I would have the role of Kitty go to one of Jacobs co-stars Chrishelle Stause. The beauty definitely knows how to handle both comedy and drama with aplomb, which is a must for this pivotal role. Chrishelle has the rare quality to have chemistry with just about anyone and that makes casting her love interest that much harder but I humbly suggest another of my favorite hunks Shaun Sipos, I get a tingle when i think of the spark these two would share.

Steven Moreti is also on my list to join the cast of a rebooted BnS. Don;t roll your eyes at me, first and foremost Steven is a dear friend of mine, who is quite talented. Secondly have you seen that man? He is gorgeouspersonified and add to that he is talented and we have the perfect Justin for the reboot! However lets not pair him with the girl that he thought was his sister, instead let's build him a real romance, maybe with a good friend played by Sarah Joy Brown. This way Steven could kind of live out his GH dream, and the new BnS could have a jolt of vixeny goodness from Sarah.

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