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Saturday, July 30, 2011

GG Exposes: The Hating Of The Babs

She's a journalistic icon! She created The View! Celebs and pseudo-celebs clamor to be part of her most fascinating people lists! However there is very little love for Barbra Walters elsewhere.  I learned this the hard way when l did what was suppose to be an innocent story about how Babs had a nightmare that she was as hated as Rosie O'Donnell. When I checked GG on my phone I was astounded to find that there were already 15 comments posted on it, in just 5 minutes another 8 comments were added, none of them kind to Ms. Walters.

Part of it was the treatment Barbra gave to daytime icon Susan Lucci when she visited The View to promote her storyline on All My Children and her memoir. When the classy Susan was talking about being called into a meeting with the execs before news of the cancellations took place, Barbra glibly replied "We get worried when they call us into meetings too, just kidding" Not nice Barbra. A Gossiper who goes by Shadow said this "I do hate the old bat. Babs was snarky to Susan Lucci when she guested on The View. She had to blurt out about The Views Emmy noms rather than allow Susan to finish her thought. " If there's one thing you do not so it's treat our Susan with so much disrespect!!

Another source of unhappiness with viewers and Barbra comes in the form of her defending her boss Brian Frons. Apparently on quite a few occasions after what is dubbed "black Thursday" when AMC and One Life To Live were axed from the schedule, she defended her boss. Normally this would be admirable but it is common knowledge that Brian was not a soap fan and infact wanted ABC Daytime out of the soap business for a while. An anonymous gossiper said "She lied for the most hated man in television Brian Frons when she said that he was so upset at having to cancel the ABC soaps that he was in tears. In reality he couldn't care less. Ofcorse no one likes her."  Another Anonymous person wrote this "Despite this, I always respected and liked Barbara Walters UNTIL SHE LIED ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AND TOLD HER AUDIENCE THAT FRONS TEARED UP OVER THE CANCELLATION OF AMC AND OLTL. The moment I read that, I knew that BARBARA WALTERS HAD BECOME A SHILL for the MOST HATED MAN IN TELEVISION - Brian Frons. Give me an effing break! " Yep Brian Frons destroyed the soaps and has ruined the reputation of Barbra Walters. 

A lot of people, and I do mean a lot of people are also upset with Ms. Walters because she allows the discrimination of older viewers. One Gossiper replied "Listen up Barbara you need to start speaking up for all of us over the age of 49! We are not being counted in the viewership ratings." Yet another one added "Yes, I am very offended to know that just because I am 56 years old now, I do not count for the ratings! Huh - how old are you now? You shouldn't even be bringing in ratings then! Ridiculos!!!" 

It's sad when a legend falls, and it seems as though Barbra has fallen, and fallen hard. Obviously there are comeback stories but how many times has that happened to an older person, especially someone who has so much going against them. Barbra Walters is no Betty White!

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