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Friday, April 15, 2011

My Adventures On The F List: Who Am I?

Lord have mercy on me. I went out dancing with my friends, we all just wanted to have a good time, have a couple drinks, you know the usual. So were out on the dance floor, singing along to Darren Criss' version ofTeenage Dream when this girl approached me. Now before you roll your eyes and think to yourself, here we go again with Royals over inflated ego thats not what happened, I have learned my lesson the hard way.

No this time she giggled and told me that she loved me and thought I was cute, I giggled and told her I liked guys. She looked all confused and walked away from me for a second, now I must point out that we were in a gay bar so this should not have been such a big surprise to her. She came up to me again later on, while I was dancing to a Britney song and was like when you were on Ellen you said you were straight, my friends looked at me confused. To be honest I was a little flabbergasted myself, I have always wanted to be on Ellen (someone should start a Facebook group for that now) but obviously have yet to be able to get there.

She must have realized her mistake, because she looked at my friends and asked "Why Is Darren Acting So Spacey? Is He On Drugs?" Both of them bust out laughing, they laughed so hard they cried, and I hope peed themsleves a little. I mean its not totally out of the question that I could be a Darren Criss look alike.They informed her of her mistake, and she took another look at me and shrugged her shoulders, and walked away saying I guess he doesn't look very much like Darren after all.



  1. Love this story! I don't doubt that one day you will be on Ellen and I'll be in the audience rooting you on!

  2. Aww mmc I would love that alot :-)