Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Major, Major General Hospital Spoilers

In this post is going to be a major, major spoiler that will change the canvas of GH for a long time to come. Seriously do not continue to read this if you don't want to know whats ahead. What the following post is going to lay out is the most shocking spoilers I've encountered. OK maybe not but I was surprised, and thats something.

You have been duly warned, if you have continued reading don't blame me. In her most recent column Ravenbeauty laid a bombshell on us me. Apparently this has been the rumor for a while but somehow I had missed it, possibly because I don't always watch General Hospital. The spoiler starts out that the missing baby of Brenda's is not Dante's child as the show has led us to believe but that of another leading man, putting her at odds with one of my favorite characters once again. "As for that missing baby, look no further. The baby is not Dante's. The baby is not the Balkan's son. The baby is Jax and Brenda's, leading to outrage, fury, shock, and something incredibly special." According to the spoiler diva, this will lead, the best actress of 2011, to some very good scenes. "Fans will be treated to Carly speaking in Latin as her head spins completely around while "Mad World" plays in the background. I will definitely be stocking up on Junior Mints and popcorn! Carly and Jax's relationship is a wasteland"

But all the news is not good. Like Rebecca Herbst before him, Ingo Rademacher will not be long for the hospital.  I'm hearing that Jax may be off canvas when this story wraps (possibly with Brenda in tow)." Of course as is always the case Raven reminds us that things can shifted and changed as has already happened with this story "There have been major rewrites on this one! They really have gone back and forth on this story many times over (I've heard this from two separate sources now). Just passing this on for what it's worth."

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