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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Glee-Ful Viewing

If you haven't watched this weeks Glee yet do not read on, we are going to have a discussion about the episode that was full of neat little twists and brought the show back to what it should be, fun, cute drama with a ton of story twists.

Alright gleeks now that its just us, I have a confession, I hate Finchel. Rachel, apart from Finn I adore, Finn is alright but together they bore the mess out of me. That is until last night, so far this season Lea michele has been sleeping through her lines and Cory Monteith well I don't know about him. This week though, both were brilliant, Rachel thinking she is the star of New Directions is obviously part of her character. After Emma gave Mr. Schuester the idea to switch things up, so he gave Sam and Quinn the lead duet, and Santana a solo.

Rachel protested which ticked Santana off. A long over due story point finally paid off just as the team was getting ready for sectionals, Santana finally revealed to Rachel that she had slept with Finn back in the Madonna episode. Rachel ended up making out with Puck, then quickly confessed to Finn who dumped her.

The couple that I am rooting for, and I suspect many others are too is Artie and Brittany. Kevin McHale and Heather Morris share a special kind of chemistry. when Brittany was given a dance routine with Mike, she was paralyzed with fear, even though Britney Spears taught her that she was talented. My favorite moment of the episode was when Artie gave her his magic comb to get her confidence back. Tina convinced Artie that Mike and Brittany had hooked up but Brittany poo-pooed that when she told him that the reason she had avoided him was because she had lost the comb.

Then theres Emma and Will. Both are insufferable and the show would be wise to jettison their whole story but this week it was kind of neat what they did. Emma revealed to Will that she had with held the fact that he asked her to go to sectionals with New Directions from boyfriend Dr. Carl. Schu was devastated but I was thrilled, weren't you? Matthew Morrison is at his best with single Will, flirting with the different female guest stars.

What was You favorite moment in this weeks Glee? One of the scenes mentioned above? Sam And Quinn Singing together? Sound off below

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