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Monday, November 29, 2010

Royal Rant: The Marriage Question

Let me say this up front, I do not want to get married. not even a little. Sure when I was a little gay walking around I had my dream wedding planned. I wanted to be married on the beach, my husband to be would be wearing a white button up shirt, unbuttoned to reveal his chest, and a pair of khakis. the song I would walk to him to, changed depending on who my fantasy husband of the moment was but generally it would be "I Need You Tonight" by Nick Carter.

That being said I fight along side other members of the gay community for our right to marry. Just because I personally don't want the piece of paper that tells me I'm committed to someone, doesn't mean I think its right that the gay population of this country is being denied the same right given to their straight counter parts. We must have already forgot that Separate But Equal was struck down with Brown Vs. The Board Of Education.

So why a fiery, angry Rant this week? I was watching Oprah and it dawned on me, not for the first time that prisoners, violent people convicted of disgusting, horrible crimes, have more rights in this country than a homosexual. In the segment that angered up my blood, Oprah interviewed a woman who married a convict, not just any convict but someone who killed 2 people in cold blood, shot them execution style. So this man, who cruelly took lives can get married but my friends can't? My friends who give back to the community, pay their taxes, and quite frankly do more to stimulate the economy than any people have a right to do.

Doug and Aaron have been together for more years than any of us want to remember, at least 6 or 7 years now. Both work hard and are near the top in each of their respective fields, volunteer their time at both the local gay center and at soup kitchens all to help out, they want nothing in return. Thats not true, more than anything they want the right to get married, like so many of our straight friends have. Sadly, it is against the law for them to marry, to gather with their loved ones and have a ceremony. That part may not be illegal but their marriage is no more valid than Heidi Montags talent.

Where is the church outcry for the killers marriage? Why is it ok for a murderer to marry someone but not for 2 people who truly love one another? Maybe the church, which has too much say in our government process if you ask me, is fine with it because its a man and a woman. Because you know straight couples always stick together and never, ever cheat on one another.

Maybe one day Doug and Aaron will get to have the lavish wedding they so desire. Of course hell may have to freeze over first, especially if the church stays in charge of our politicians. Or even more unlikely maybe I'll change my mind and want to walk down to my groom to the tune of Tardy to the Party.


  1. lol@ Tardy for the Party...I really enjoyed this post. You have a new follower. I too hope that someday Doug and Aaron and every couple in love no matter race or gender are able to marry without recourse. Keep writing, your voice must be heard.

  2. Thank you Chrystal!!!! I read your blog (I wasn't procrastinating I swear, Ok maybe a little) and it was awesome :-)