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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Results Are In.....

Last weeks elimination round for hunk Of The Year was a blood bath. 2 men came out of it, and they should be walking tall and happy, especially as they will move onto round 2 and both have a very good chance at walking away as the sites main hunk.

First our friend Max Tapper came out of nowhere and really made himself a superstar on this site. not only is he incredibly handsome but he is a genuinely nice guy and deserves to be put on contract over at One Life To Live. As for those asking when his calender is coming out, we will let you know when there is information availible or follow him on twitter.

Now to the frontrunner, Van Hansis. Max gave him the competition but he managed to walk away from the  competition as the most voted on person in the (admittedly short) history of GG!!!! Thanks to our friends on twitter Van_Hansis_Fans and the livejournal of the same name. This week Van will also be the first celebrity to ever have 2 stories in the top 5 stories. Not bad for someone who wanted a quiet life.


  1. Van Hansis is the best actor ever and the most handsome I know !! Thank you for your article avout Van Hansis !!

  2. Thank you for reading it!!!! Your opinion is truly valued :-)