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Sunday, November 7, 2010

GG's Top 10 Stories Of The Week

10. For the third week, people are talking about A Different Glee View

9. A beloved Show got canceled

8. The first of 2 Max Tapper stories, His HOTW

7. I reveal why I don't like Halloween

6. Vanessa Marcil made a strong comeback this week, with her return to General Hospital

5. Van Hansis' HOTW rose the chart this week, thanks to Van_Hansis_Fans on both twitter and the livejournal community

4. These Brothers and Sisters spoilers got people talking

3. This story got people talking

2. Max Tapper is officially moving on to Round 2 of Hunk Of The Year

1. And The Front Runner For The First Ever Hunk Of The Year, One Mr. Van hansis

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