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Friday, November 12, 2010

Chord Turns Down Playgirl

Reigning Hunk Of The Week Chord Overstreet was offered $100,000 to pose in Playgirl. It is said that his team was considering it but ultimately turned it down. A Rep for the porn mag for "women" said "We couldn't work it out, Chord's people decided against it." 

This May come as a surprise but i'm glad he turned it down. Now don't get me wrong Chord is a very tempting morsel and any red blooded man and woman would want to see him strip down but it's not a good idea. The GQ photos were risque but the argument could be made that at least it wasn't a porn mag, sure the girls were scantily clad but they were still covered. Playgirl would go way beyond pushing the boundaries and play right into the Parents Television Councils hands. What I would like to see is a magazine for gay men and straight women like what Maxim and at times GQ is for straight men and lesbians, a place where male stars can get scantily clad and thrill us. Until a mag like that comes along we'll have to try and get screen caps of Glee, Ryan Murphy loves to put his male stars in as little as possible. 

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