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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blind: Tuna For Baby

Blind Gossip

Everybody loves this actress with the famous name. That’s why we’re sorry to report that she has a really big problem. Although she has been through rehab, she thinks she is mature enough now to drink in moderation. Wrong. According to some folks on the set of her new film, she has been getting falling-down drunk every night for the past few weeks. One especially bizarre episode last week started out with herdrinking and begging the bartender repeatedly for a tuna sandwich to share with her “baby”. Every few minutes, she would lean over the bar, slurring her words. “Do you know my baby, baby, baby? Do you have some tuna fish for my baby, baby?” Turns out that her “baby” is her dog. She got so drunk that she wound up on the floor of the hotel bar, a bucket between her knees as she vomited. Gross.

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