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Monday, October 11, 2010

Breaking: Del Speaks Out!!!!

Last week we brought you the story of why Sordid Lives the series would not see a second season. Basically Stan M Brooks owed the cast and crew money and had not paid them, he pled poverty and threatened to file for bankruptcy if he and the guilds could not come to terms on a settlement.

At the time GG Superstar Del Shores held his tongue and gave a firm "No comment" on the matter. Now the talks have broken down and Del is talking "Now I can comment. This offer was BULLSHIT. It's a way to try and spin his image, a publicity stunt"  El goes on to give more of the story "Facts: Stan Brooks banked 89K of the cast and ...my money last May. Our money, not his! Stan Brooks' lawyers disclosed that LOGO owes the cast and myself 209,000 in additional residuals -- their part, not his. He owes us MUCH MORE! He was planning to use that to pay the 500K he offered, along with the 89K he already banked." 

Stan nor his attorneys have made a comment on the matter, but what could they really say, short of we f-ed up?

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