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Monday, September 27, 2010

Performer Of The Week: Jennife Aniston

Say what you want about Jennifer Anistons personal life, but one thing is very evident, The girl has got talent. When it was announced she would be doing Cougar Town with her BFF Courtney Cox some nay sayers said there was no way she would live up to the hype, that once again Jen would just play another vesion of her most famous character Rachel Green.

To the haters we ask: How would you like your crow cooked? Stealing scenes from a powerhouse comedic actress like Courtney is not an easy feat, the only other person who is able to do it effortlessly is Christa Miller (Ellie). Jen not only did it, but she made it look so effortless, which is the sign of a good performance.

With a character like Glenn it would be very easy to take her over the top. Jen however took a diferent route and made the wacky therapist seem almost sane.Her choices were both bold and neat; When Grayson told her she was the "hottest doc" he'd ever seen she chastised him but let a little hint of a smile out, letting him and the audience know that she was really OK with his words. Watching her muster tears for her "son" Gabriel as he approached his first communion has to be the single handed funniest scene of the year.

Let's applaud Jen for bringing even more charm, and laughs to the always hilarious Cougar Town

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