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Friday, August 6, 2010

Performer Of The Week: Ellen Page

(This was suppose to post last week, I don't know What Happened)

As the dream architect in Inception, Ellen Page alternates between tough chick and sweet and vulnerable. Saying that Ellen Page is talented, is kind of like saying Meryl Streep will knock any role out of the park. With her Inception role,  Ellen varies her style depending on who she is sharing a scene with, and even then she keeps the rest of the cast on their toes.

With Leonardo Dicaprio, she is tough and won't take his nonsense, seeing beyond the words that he is saying. The 2 share a hot chemistry that is never explored, but like Leo's best friend Kate Winslet, she ups his performance more than any other female lead. As she unravels the mystery of why Leo's wife keeps showing up in his dreams, often screwing up whatever mission he is on, Ellen shows a sadness for the man she considers to be her friend.

Sharing just one kiss with Joseph Gordon Levitt allowed Ellen to show her potential as a romantic comedy lead. after the kiss, they exchange quick looks at one another and Ellen shows that her character while focusing on the mission at hand, also is very lonely and wants to open herself up.

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  1. That picture is not of Ellen Page.