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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cloris On Betty And Emmy

She was suppose to be promoting her new show, Raising Hope at the Televisions Critics Associationin LA. But Cloris Leachman may have inadvertently started a new feud with current IT girl Betty White, “I’m so sick of Betty White, Never liked her.” There were laughs and a few gasps from those that took the comedienne serious. Betty and Cloris are friends, and co-stars in a new movie “We’re co-starring in a new movie, called You Again,”

She was then told that she had won more Emmy's than any other woman, and asked if she Emmy's still mattered to her she flippantly answered “You bet! And I’d better win one for this show!” Executive Producer Greg Garcia, whom Cloris kept stealing questions from, shot back “Now you see why we work extra-long hours,”

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