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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Exclusive: Let's Get OLTL 'Max'ed Out

With just a few brief scenes on One Life To Live and hunk of the week candidate Max Tapper made a huge impression. Soap boards all over the internet lit up, with the general consensus being that this man needed to be signed to a contract. One of the tamer replies to a thread on Max was "Oh yes! He was really easy on the eyes. I hope he sticks around."

One Life to Live fans have already began pairing the Adonis with the women in Llanview, so far the popular votes go to Blair Cramer or Layla Williams. One of the far more intriguing scenarios that posters imagined was to bring KISH (Kyle and Oliver) back and watch Kyle become antsy as Oliver and Detective Price (Max's character) bond.

Our beloved columnist Mandy Bates even fell under his spell telling me  "You have GOT to find OLTL on soapnet or online or something, cuz you gotta see this HOT hunk." She was so taken with the actor that she began a Facebook group urging the producers to offer the actor a contract! Click on the link and help get Max the contract he so richly deserves!!!!

How does the actor feel about the sudden attention he is getting? " I am completely flattered." He also urges fans to keep an eye out for some of his other projects including a national commercial for wheat thins that played right after his first scenes on OLTL "I have a nationally running wheat this commercial running now, and i even had the pleasure of it showing right after my scene the other day on OLTL. i also have a Sony mini movie called who is johnnyx at whoisjohnnny-x.com. my website is also www.maxtapper dot com"

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  1. I grew up and went to high school with Max in Rockland County. We always knew that he would make it BIG. He had the looks, height and style. I had the pleasure of meeting his wife and still keep in touch with him. He's a good friend and I'm proud of him. Thanks for putting us on the map Max and ride on.