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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

This was the week of startling revelations, the biggest one coming from Country star Chely Wright. Chely, who dropped a new CD 'Lifted Off The Ground' and released a scandalous new book 'Like Me'. In the book she chronicles her life in the closet. She alleges that supposed good friend John Rich made an off hand comment "You're not gay are you?!" after she denied it he said "Good, thank God.".  Chely recounts how she went into  meltdown right after that conversation “I was looking at myself in a mirror…as I was about to do it. I just looked at myself and something snapped and I started to cry…and I realized I have too much to live for. I may lose my career in country music, that will break my heart, but it's okay. I have a lot of different pieces of my heart that matter and that's what I've come to learn.”

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