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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Royal Rant: Kristins Shabby Treatment

I remember the first time I heard Kristin Chenoweth sing, a friend put on "Popular" from the Wicked soundtrack. I was entranced, who was it? I asked. When he replied I went out and bought the CD, and my love affair with Cheno has been in full swing ever since.

When she was on The West Wing, I thought she deserved an Emmy nomination, especially when she discovered her character's boss dead. She played that material for all it was worth. Then she did win the Emmy for Pushing Daisies and it was well deserved. Things really seemed to be going her way, except that Pushing Daisies was canceled. Even that though wasn't enough to stop the indomitable Kristin, she secured a guest star role on Glee. 

In her memoir "A Little Bit Wicked" Kristin says that Broadway power players are not happy that she has branched out into TV and movies. I was like OK Kristin, come on now, you didn't get a role and you're upset. Then I noticed that the producers of her newest show downplayed the fact that Kristin was in the show, instead trumpeting the fact that Sean Hayes signed on to the male lead role. Now I love Sean Hayes as much as the next Will and Grace fan but let's be honest Kristin and Sean have the same amount of fame. However Kristin does have a Tony award under her belt and was in the most successful musical of this generation, wheres the love?

Then in another slap in the face, producers of The Tony Awards selected Sean to host the upcoming telecast. Again I think theres nothing wrong with Sean but why not have them co-host together? Since they are in the same play it would make sense, and in case I haven't driven the point home yet, KRISTIN IS A TONY WINNER!!! Having her, even as a co-host would add so much to the show, not to mention a legitimacy to the actual awards itself.

Imagine if the Oscars had Pauly Shore host their telecast just because he was in the movies, especially if they were able to secure Meryl Streep as host or co-host. The analogy may seem to be awkward but it is not,  yes Sean is far more talented than Pauly Shore. But having Sean host the prestigious awards alone simply because he is in a play is ludicrous. Especially when Sean and Kristin proclaim that they are friends and enjoy working together.

In the final insult to Kristin, despite getting probably some of the best reviews of any nominated actress, she failed to secure a nomination. What?! How is it possible that an actress of Kristins caliber can't even get a nomination for a nearly flawless performance? How is it possible that the Television Academy recognizes a truly phenomenal performance but Broadway doesn't. It's such a tragedy.

Kristin, sweetheart if you are reading this, please know you're fans adore you and will follow you anywhere, why not leave the great white way and come to a medium that will appreciate you and your talent. Come to Glee full time or join the Desperate Housewives on Wisteria Lane.....

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