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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Royal Rant: Gay Man Soap

Back in 2001 I bought myself a birthday present that I will never forget. It was the complete 1st season of the gay soap 'Queer As Folk.' From the moment the first episode began playing (for those of you who remember VCRs it was a Tape!!!) I was hooked. Now I have to be honest here and I get easily hooked on good, trashy soaps, it's my guilty pleasure.

For the next four years I would count down until the new season of QAF began, often times my friends and I would gather to watch together. After we watched the show we would head to the bars, many of us high off of the episode we had just seen, and would spend the rest of the night dissecting it.

Then something sad happened, it happens all the time but it hit me hardest this time, The show came to an end. I felt empty, a sadness welled up within me. I was going to miss the Liberty Avenue gang, and the way they ended the series well let's leave that for another rant shall we.

Of course I watched new shows but the void stayed with me. I couldn't figure out what was missing, until a group of friends introduced me to 'The L Word.' I didn't get all that excited but I did watch for the 2 remaining seasons and enjoyed it a bit. Still there was something lacking, and I wasn't nearly as sad to see the show end.

Then I stumbled upon 'Dante's Cove' on Here! So the acting isn't great, and the storylines may not always be up to par but that void was suddenly filled. It was then I realized what the missing link was, I needed some good gay man drama. No one can create drama like a gay man, especially on tv. So now with Here! jerking me around on when my show will return I have no idea what to do.

That's not exactly true, I am imploring, if anyone from Logo's development department reads the blog, please put a good gay man soap into the pipeline, and if you don't have one, I just happen to have one in mind for you. I speak for straight women and gay men, give us some hotties in some sexy drama, and we will flock to your network.

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