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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Royal Rant: Desperate For Some Good Housewives

After the very first episode of Desperate Housewives, I was in love. Any show that casts Marcia Cross has my vote, and casting her as a Martha Stewart type was perfect. They also introduced me to the wonderful, talented Eva Longoria. That whole first season, I counted down til Sunday and for an hour each week I was entranced. Each episode had the perfect combination of humor, soapy drama, real identifiable drama and mystery.

Something happened in the second season, the bloom was off my love with the show. Sure I checked in with my housewives but not every week, the show and I lost our way. Somewhere near the end of that season the show found it's spark again and I was enveloped into the drama once again. Bree dating a sex addict was probably the best story ever, the climax of which is her gay son Andrew beds her boyfriend in an attempt to get revenge on his mother.

Subsequent seasons have been varying in the degree of creative success but the subplots have kept me glued to my seat.However now I am worried about my beloved show, it seems every season we need a new villain, most of them are only shown for a handful of episodes before dying at the end of the season. For me this is a useless plot devise, when I create a character I want them to last for a good long while. Even if that character doesn't fit the story I'm telling at the moment I back burner the character or float them over to another story. Why can't Marc Cherry do that?

I get the dramatic impact a death is suppose to have. But after so many deaths on the show the device loses it;s impact. I of course have some suggestions that Marc Cherry should feel free to use. First don't kill Paul Young at the end of next season, rather weave him into another storyline for season 8, it will work out for the best I promise. Maybe he and Bree can find love together breaking her and the insufferable Orson up for good.

Next you have a wonderful find in Tuc Watkins sign him to a contract (hides from One Life To Live Fans who want him back on their favorite soap)  and pair him with Shawn Pyfroms Andrew. Now don't get up in arms yet, if Shawn doesn't want to return to the show full time it would still work out, maybe even better. A romance with Bree's son could cause a war with Bree who may think Lee is too old for her son. She starts digging and then viola you have a new season long mystery.

Hire someone to replace Nicolette Sheridan's Edie. The four main women are a hoot and we love them but theres something about a bad girl who embraces her bad that really just entertains us. Heather Locklear may be available give her a chance to weave her bad girl magic on Wisteria Lane. With Dana Delany (probably) exiting the series, sell Katherines house and install Heather there. There are too many scenarios that could bring her to the lane but my favorite is she is Edie's sister, who has waited all this time to wreak revenge for her sisters death because she was ill.She could be wealthy (a lawsuit or maybe she's a savvy business woman) and the first part of her plan could involve bringing Carlos down, maybe she sets him up with an insider trading scandal, it wouldn't be the first time and the authorities wouldn't take kindly to a repeat offender.

Marc we love the Housewives and want them to continue for a good long time. However we need some fresh, crisp stories if you're running out of steam or lost your way contact one of your legions of fans and we will help you!!!

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