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Monday, May 3, 2010

Profile Of The Week: Lance Bass

Is there anything Lance Bass hasn't done? The former *NSYNC member has tried, and mostly succeeded at everything he has set his mind to. Since becoming an international superstar in what is called the best boy band ever. Though the band almost did not include Lance, Jan Bolz who was the head of BMG Germany offered the band a contract but added the condition that Lance had to be replaced because of his lack of dancing ability. The remaining members of the band refused to sign the contract without him, and the label changed their minds.

 After some initial success, a dark cloud loomed over the group; they felt then manager Lou Pearlman was cheating them out of money, and they sued Lou and his record label Trans Continental. The group including Lance, while heart broken decided to sign with Jive records. Infuriated Lou counter sued the group for Breach of Contract, but the judge threw the injunction out. After delaying the second album, the lawsuit was settled and 'No Strings Attached' was released and became the fastest selling CD ever.

In 2001 they would release their last album of original songs called 'Celebrity', which is the second fastest selling CD ever. After the tour to support 'Celebrity' the group announced that it was taking a hiatus so the members could focus on other projects. This led Lance to cosmonaut training in Star City, Russia in August of 2002. Originally this was suppose to be a TV show, first a game show ala Survivor where people would compete in the program and be eliminated, then producers decided to make it more a documentary and focus on Lance going through the program. No network picked it up, yet Lance was still going to go through with the idea, but all sponsorship feel through and he was replaced.

After a couple of quiet years, Lance came roaring back into the spotlight thanks to his coming out. There had always been rumors and innuendo, a lot of it coming from Perez Hilton, but on July 26, 2006 Lance announced on the cover of PEOPLE that he was indeed gay. While the general consensus was positive a few off the cuff remarks created controversy for Lance. In the interview he said he considered himself and his friends, "S.A.G.'s" straight acting gays. The community went into an uproar saying that Lance was perpetuating a stereotype that 'effeminate' men are not normal. Lance addressed these charges in an interview with The Advocate "Every community is hard to please. Our community is very fickle. It’s a touchy community because it’s the last civil rights movement we have left here in America. So when someone new like myself comes along and says off-the-mark things, yeah, I can see how people would get pissed.” 

Out Of Sync was published in October of 2007 and became an instant best seller. The book contained dish on how Lance felt a responsibility to the other members of *NSYNC  to stay in the closet and how he hid past boyfriends from friends and family alike. Also in the book he alleges that Justin Timberlake is the only member of the group that is not willing to do a reunion.

Lance took on another challenge, dancing for the 7th season of Dancing With The Stars. When the show debuted he was considered one of the front runners due to his past dancing experience with *NSYNC, he made it to the finals but did not win, or even come in second. He placed third behind football star Warren Sapp and winner and current hostess Brooke Burke. The experience did not sour him on reality TV as he formed Lance Bass Productions and is currently working on a project about the music business for LOGO and a docudrama about life on tour for a rock band.

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