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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Of David's Domestic Drama

David Boreanaz came forward and revealed that he had an affair and that his former mistress was in essence blackmailing him. This made the mystery woman very angry and she hired Gloria Allred to represent her.  Gloria issued this statement on behalf of her client "My client has not told her story to the press, but now that Mr. Boreanaz is attacking her she has decided to tell the story of their relationship, so that the truth will come out."

David attorney Marty Singer countered to TMZ "On April 23, the woman left a very threatening message that she was going to the media, that my client had not given her enough money... It is true I did leave a message for the woman because of the extortionist threat she left with my client. On Monday, I received a call from Gloria Allred and she told me the woman was looking to get paid at least six figures."

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