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Monday, May 3, 2010

Lost Scoop

Fans of Lost brace yourselves, the finale of the show will bring more questions, instead of answering your questions. Executive Producer Damon Lindelof "We did not shoot the final scene of the series on the final day ... for reasons of maintaining the secrecy of the show, and we had to build some sets for the finale -- the construction of the new sets took awhile so that's the work that we did last," he continued to say there will be no 'Soprano' type finale " 'The Sopranos' ending only worked on 'The Sopranos,'  The series finale has to fit the show. We're trying to end lost in a way that feels 'Lost'-ian and fair and will generate a tremendous amount of theorizing. We're going to be as definitive as we can be and say this is our ending, but there's no way to end the show where the fans aren't going to say, 'What did they mean by this?' Which is why we're not going to explain it."

He also addresses the fans frustration over the final season of their favorite show "We knew the new storytelling device would be controversial,mWe started showing people this thing, and people don't know what it is. They don't know how it connects back in the show. We're throwing this huge mystery into a show that already has a bunch of mysteries at a time when the audience expects us to be closing doors and not opening them."

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