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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A letter To Gossipers


Many of you have emailed me asking what's going on, and why the posts have been so erratic lately. I have to confess I took on too many projects as of late, I was working diligently on the Scientology articles, and revamping some of the features. I was also  putting in time on bringing forth Message boards, which are up right now, check them out, Generation Gossip.and Generation Soap.

I am also proud to announce that this site is ever evolving and this July one of the biggest changes to hit this site is coming. Blind items will be moved around, possibly landing on Mondays or stretched all week long. Saturdays will now be filled with FICTION!!! Yes that's right in an attempt to help get writers started in their careers we will publish gossipers work if they would like. And along with that we will be announcing the first ever Generation Gossip writing contest. For both of these we will accept Flash fiction, Fan Fiction, Short Stories, Novellas, etc.

On the Fourth Of July we will be dedicating most of the day to GG columnist Mandy Bates for her birthday!!  That day we will have a profile of the week on her along with a special royal rant. If any of her fans, friends, or family would like to contribute please email me at generationgossip@yahoo.com with your articles!!!!

Also on that day we will be launching the first ever GG Serial!! It will launch on Sunday and move to Saturdays, along with the other fictional stories.

Thank You for all of the growth we have experienced these last few months,

Always yours,

Royal Eduardo

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