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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gossipers Say The Darndest Things

This new feature is to add some humor, and maybe get Gossipers a smile on their face, I want true stories only, if you have humorous fiction story submit it for the forth coming FICTION Day that was just announced.

I will kick off this segment with a true story from my work:

I work in Cultural Attraction retail, which is a fancy way of saying that I work in a gift shop. The big exhibit was Star Trek, and so we had dealt with alot of the more "active" fans. However this one will always stand out and has become one of my top 5 stories that I tell.....

It was afternoon (almost closing time!!) and this guy and little girl came into the shop, and we started talking. The girl started playing with toys, and the dad went to yell at her, so I told him it was fine. He frowned but decided to carry on a conversation with me. "Do you have any more Enterprises?" Obviously with the exhibit we were carrying a multitude of Star Trek merchandise, models of the Enterprise among them.

"No sorry, we're sold out, but we are expecting a shipment in any day, I can take your name and number, anf call you when we get them in." Ever the good salesman if I do say so myself. His follow up question didn't strike me as odd "How much are they?"

I told him the price. "50" and he looked at me as if I were insane, which was par for the course, the merchandise was way overpriced, though my boss and I agreed the enterprise model was actually a bargain.

"$50 for an Enterprise? You have to be kidding me." Seems normal right? Keep reading. I reassure him that I am not joking and then he lays the bomb on me. "$50 for an Enterprise that you can fly away from in here. That is cheap!!! I was expecting to pay upwards of 25 grand."

Speechless is an understatement for what I was. Surely this seemingly smart, sane man was putting one opver on me. Many of my guests like to joke around make silly statements, so I laughed. He looked hurt confused. "I'm serious they show it on the show all the time, and now I want one. Why are you laughing at me?"

And the little girl out on a deadly serious face looked at her father and said "Daddy we talked about this, you can't talk the crazy talk when we're not at home." She looked at me and was like "I'm sorry, daddy had a break down when he found out William Shatner was fat."

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