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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gossipers Have Their Say


What happened to my favorite column, weekly wrap up? I relied on it to get my gossip fill for the week, and suddenly it wasn't there anymore!! Please don't tell me you've discontinued it, I need it and I am sure there are many others who feel the same way that I do.

That being said I do have to commend you on the awesome job you did on the Scientology expose that you did. I have recommended it to all my friends and many of them have become fans of the site because of it. They like me are sick of the snarkiness that comes with reading some of the other sites, yes it may be popular and yes you may get more hits but to us there is such a thing as journalistic integrity and you royal, you have it.



As an active Scientologist I am appalled that you would write such a hate filled story. How dare you write such a biased, unfair account of something you know nothing about. Sure some of the people you talked about were alleged exes but they obviously were not in the same religion as I am. Scientology is first and foremost about helping people. Homosexuality is a disease that needs to be cured, and one way to do that is by counseling.

Seeing as how you are gay yourself I doubt my letter will be shared with the public, instead you will opt for the letters praising you for the courageous stories you did. I am very disappointed that you would go forward with such a story when you have built your reputation on being unbiased, and yet you show nothing but hate for a religion that is trying to help people. I will be one less reader, one less fan for you. Wishing you failure



I can not believe you did a theme day. It's almost as if you are in my head, I had literally just told my bf that GG should do theme days, not all the time but every once in a while. And suddenly we have Scientology Sunday. I really enjoyed the entire day but the Royal Rant and Mandy's Musings had to be the best part of the day.  In answer to Mandy's question about where Tom went wrong, I think Mimi Rogers ruined him, and Nicole Kidman finished off the job.

And in response to Royals letter to Kirstie Alley, can she just go away please? Though I do have to admit his idea of her being part of an ensemble is alluring, especially if one of the other characters dislikes her just as much as I do.

To the both of you, you guys rock!!!! We, your gossipers love you!!!

~ Carl

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