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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gossipers Have Their Say


Generation Gossip is my guilty pleasure. Everyday I look forward to coming home and reading that days gossip. I love the fact that you save your opinion for Sundays, which happen to be my favorite day for the site. I don't know if you and Mandy are friends or if she just contributes to the site but for the longest time, my bf and I were convinced you guys were one and the same. In fact my bf still thinks that because of The Golden Girls articles you have done, however that was my proof you guys are 2 different people. In any case thank you, and thank Mandy the 2 of you make an awesome team!!!!



I was skeptical when a friend of mine told me to check out your website, I figured just what we need another fag blogger. Excuse my language but I am being honest. I was impressed with how you run the site, there is no judgment, no commentary on the story which is how a true journalist works. Then I came to your page and found you doing a story trying to help raise money for juvenile diabetes, that clinched it for me. You truly are a class act, Yes I know there are other people out there who raise awareness for causes but you took the time and spelled it out for your 'gossipers' exactly why this was needed, and provided a link. Then you helped get votes for that guy to get to a convention and all I have to say is wow. Thank you for caring, and I for one am looking into ways to get you nominated for an award! You deserve it, you have earned it.



What happened to this site? You used to be one of the first to break all kinds of stories and now you are behind the times. With all the ads on the page you must be making a fortune so shouldn't you be working hard to appease your readers and advertisers? I am very saddened by what you have allowed this to become.


*Editors Note: Melissa I have not made a dime off the site, and even if I had there are other projects I am working on. Including a message board for this site, so please be a tad more understanding. Royal Eduardo*


  1. Hey Sarah! I promise, we are totally different people, but we joke about being soulmates :) Ed and I have a connection that rivals Ryan and Greenlee's, but ours is real, lol. All kidding aside, though, thanks for your continued support. I know Ed really appreciates his readers, and I'm happy I can contribute to this great place!

  2. Ryan and Greenlee? Really Manders? Couldn't you have picked someone better like Opal and Palmer, Erica and Jackson? Ryan and His Ego? LOL

    And yes I do appreciate all my gossipers and Mandy!!!! She rocks

  3. Well you know I can't stand Rylee, but I was just reading the Janitor Bill boards, and we kept making fun of their "connection" when he pulled her out of Janet's well or something equally stupid, lol!