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Monday, May 31, 2010

Favorites: Royal Rant: Why Kish Was Fired

I chose the Kish Royal Rant as my favorite because Kish actually made soaps watchable again. Every now and then, a soap will have a character with some rare disease and the actors involved in the storyline will do a PSA after the episode. That used to be the extent of soaps touching on reality. Now I realize that we watch soaps to escape reality for a little while, but seriously, they need to be believable, at least a little bit, to keep our attention! With Kish, they showed the development of two characters that are very real and relatable. Okay, maybe none of us are med school students who got kicked out for blackmailing the people that got us to lie about their illegal activity, but gay and straight alike could relate to Kyle still being in love with Oliver after all this time and trying to win him back, and attempting to move on when he was denied, but then some big dramatic event (the gay marriage rally) brings them back together. Then Oliver becoming a single parent overnight and Kyle saying he'd stand by him and help him raise the baby. I also think this storyline opened a lot of people's eyes showing that gay love is just like any other love. They aren't perverts and don't try to corrupt children and turn all other men around them gay. They go to work, go to school, pay their rent and spend time together just like everyone else.

And now to my point of why this is my favorite Rant: Royal Eduardo said what all Kish fans were thinking: How could this happen? How could actors/writers/producers let the best storyline to hit daytime in ages let it all just fall apart? Grow up and bring us back our Kish! ~Mandy

Last week was the firing heard around daytime. Beloved super couple Kyle and Fish (KISH to OLTL fans) were let go. But wait not really, Scott Evans (Oliver Fish) was never put on contract, and has been recurring with the show since his debut, so really only Brett Claywell (Kyle) was let go.

Immediately fans were outraged and accused ABC of having an anti-gay agenda, yet Scott Clifton (Schulyer Jones) was fired and there was no outrage. I love KISH and want them to stay, however if the rumors are to be believed pat of the reason they were actually let go is because one (believed to be Brett) was partying to hard, held up taping and caused delays in the production schedule. I can see why they may let him go, truly if anyone was to show up to work drunk or cost your company a ton of money you would lose your job. If Brett was the problem then recast him, keep the character around have him in the other room, at the hospital until the role is able to be recast with someone as talented as Brett Claywell.

Of course there is the other half of KISH to think about. As it was stated Scott Evans was never offered a contact, and has been on recurring since he began on the show. While a lot has been of the KISH firings, it's simply not true of Scott, his status remains unchanged. The biggest reasoning behind his being involved in the "firing" is because he is not available and it was causing production issues, and massive rewriting of major story. A "source" said “[The other actor] was ‘not available’ on certain days, making for massive rewrites and rescheduling. One Life fought so hard to blaze this trail and now they’re being punished for it. Unlike Brett, Scott had no incentive to make himself available whenever the show choose to use him. He was not on contract when clearly he should have been, not only was part of a major story but he is one of the most popular actors on the show. If they had offered him a contract he would have been forced to show up and it would have shown the support to the ongoing story.

Why support, or make an argument for Scott but Brett? First and foremost Scott had no control over his situation and had no responsibility to OLTL because they refused to sign him to a contract. Brett clearly made bad choices and should be punished for his actions. While it needs not be said again, KISH is one major attraction to the show and they should salvage those characters as best they can. Put Scott on contract and have him play out a story with Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser) maybe Fish is a long lost Cramer male. This way fans still get to see a popular character and actor on the show. Of course this could all be moot seeing as how Scott is rumored to be up for a pilot, something he hinted at on his twitter account "I have some pretty big decisions to make. Things are definitely gonna change"  he then debunked the theory that he planned on leaving OLTL "I have no plans to leave OLTL everyone. It's not even really in my hands!" And he reiterated that again the day the news broke "Anyone who thought my tweets were foreshadowing, that is not the case. Tweets were for something completely different. This is news to me." 

At the end of the day neither Scott or Brett will have trouble securing work, and seeing as how Scott is still recurring it shouldn't be  too hard to convince him to sign a contract. OLTL owes it to the audience to see this "trailblazing" story to the end. What was and will be seen in the coming days is not the end of this story. Gay characters should be given the same respect as their straight counterparts. Affairs, amnesia, if they want to make a political statement, have Fish get shot in the line of duty and Kyle not be able to see him because they are not married. Or be honest with the audience and say one actor is a drunk and the other is not available, so they have to be written off for a bit until things can be worked out.

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