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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blind: Sunshine Got 'Thunder'ed

Gossip Boy

We all know Sunshine as the poor woman who had fallen in love with the gay, two-timing Rainbow Dark and blackmailed him into an engagement. They have yet to walk down the aisle, but Sunshine had been keeping a close watch on RD. Sunshine has been with R.D for a good bit and doesn’t seem like the kind of girl that would ever cheat, but we all have our weaknesses. And for Sunshine, that weakness comes in a hot body with a foreign accent. While she was off filming, Sunshine became rather cozy with a certain actor who has a reputation for making women’s clothes slide right off. And little miss Sunshine was no different. I hear that Sunshine and her new friend, Bang Bang Thunder, spent a lot of time together off the set. Since RD was busy trying to find ways around her watchful eye, he was none the wiser. Sources say that Sunshine and BBT rocked their trailer any chance they got. They were pretty good at avoiding the paps, however the longer their affair went on the sloppier they got at hiding it. BBT also has a reputation for being a little adventurous in the bedroom, something that RD never introduced Sunshine to. Sunny girl took a liking to the fun and their sex got wilder and more risky. And when it came time to film their hot sex scene on the closed set, I hear that it was a lot more than just acting. If only people knew that when they watch this film, that girl was actually having the big O right in front of their eyes. Of course after the movie wrapped, both stars went back to their lives. BBT to the land from which he came and Sunshine was back to sitting at home alone. I hear that’s when BBT made a sudden trip to L.A and hasn’t left since. With the hush-hush wedding very close, one has to wonder what Sunshine intends to do. BBT seems to have fallen hard for her, but she has secured her spot in RD’s world and she is not sure she wants out. Poor Sunshine, what will you choose? Fame and fortune, or hot sex and a sore vadge? And someone should probably mention to Sunshine that not only does BBT have a woman back home waiting for him, she has a bun in the oven that no one knows about yet.

Sunshine Is Not: Anne Hathaway; Amy Adams; Zooey Deschanel

Bang Bang Thunder Is Not: Marc Blucas; Gerard Butler; Liam Hemsworth

 Most Popular Guess: Rachel Bilson and Colin Ferrell (RD Being Hayden Christiansen)

My Guess: Renee Zellwegger And Colin Firth (RD being Bradley Cooper)

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