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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blind: Shakespearan Drama

Gossip Boy

Remember Confused Charlie from a previous blind item?  If not click HERE.

Poor Charlie has decided that he longs for the comfort of his ex-lover Romeo and came up with the idea of going to see his jilted ex.  Charlie thought tht his efforts in taking the long trip to see Romeo would show that Charlie was a changed man and willing to work for their relationship to survive.  As if a plane ride would trump all of the nastiness Charlie has been partaking in since their split.

Romeo should feel like a stud.  Not only did he have Charlie begging for a second chance, but a couple of blinds ago Romeo came back to his room to find his ex-girlfriend show up naked in his bed.  Charlie however kept his designer studs on and convinced Romeo to have dinner with him and talk out their relationship.  Or lack thereof.

It was pretty clear that Charlie was going through something and Romeo's heart took over and comforted the confused boy.  After a hot night of make-up sex, Romeo awoke to find Charlie had already vacated the suite.  Charlie must have been a Sex And The City fan, because all that was left behind was a note explaining that he thought he could commit, but realized that he couldn't.

Now Romeo is mending a smashed heart and cursing himself for falling for Charlie's misguided heart once again.  And Charlie?  Well he has fallen into a downward spiral that might land his gorgeous ass in New Jersey rather then the UES.

Charlie Is Not:
Nick Jonas
James Van Der Beek
Alexander Skarsgard

Most Popular And My Guess: Romeo--Jake Gyllenhaal, Confused Charlie--Chace Crawford

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