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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blind: Rita Reverts to Her Old Ways

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Reformed Rita has come a long way in her Hollywood career.  She came from a well known family and appeared to be friends with all the right people. Rita was the kind of girl that all party girls looked up to and everyone wanted to be seen with.  Not only did she last until the bar closed, Rita was connected to just about everybody in HW.  And when I say everybody, I mean the suppliers.
After some hard partying years, Rita realized she was knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door and found a man that would help her stay sober.  Girl actually enjoyed her new life and became someone with class and morals. She left her past life behind and didn’t look back.  She even ditched a long-time druggie boyfriend that seemed to have a soft spot in her heart.
But years of being straight laced have seemed to get on Rita’s last nerve and she has recently been sneaking away to her old haunts.  Just when it seemed that Rita was on the right track and America had finally accepted her new image, she is dangerously close to falling right back into the pile of snow that is waiting for her.  Only this time the stakes are higher and if Rita doesn’t watch out, she will loose a hell of a lot more than her reputation.  After losing so many friends to drugs, you would think this woman might be able to enjoy the simple things in life instead of trying to avoid reality all together.
She has already began cracking around the edges and having temper tantrums that are just embarrassing.  It won’t be long before Rita self-destructs completely. And when she does, boy what a show it will be.
It’s Not:
Paris Hilton
Katherine Heigl
Julia Roberts

Most Popular Guess: Nicole Richie

My Guess: (I'm going on a limb here) Madonna

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