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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blind: Name The Body Parts


Just a warning that this blind is so bizarre, it stems on the ridiculous. Our source claims to be the one night stand of this male MTV reality star. She hooked up with him at a popular nightclub and the two went back to her place and he spent the night. He was really drunk, but claimed to have names for the most delicate parts of his body. Some are too obscene to share, but he does call his ‘goods’ the U.N. (no, not for United Nations). It stands for Uno Nut, which she claims is an accurate description. At first our source thought it was a joke or drunk talk, but the celebutard was completely serious and asked that she referred to his anatomy as such. Oh yeah, this guy is in a relationship with someone else. He has names for her parts as well but they’re much too nasty to post here. But here’s one: She always brags about her Double D’s but he calls them Droopy Dog behind her back. Not Brandon Davis.

Most Popular Guess: The Situation and Snookie From Jersey Shores

My Guess: Ryan Cabrerra And Audrina Partridge

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