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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blind: A little Bump And Grind In the Bathroom

Gossip Boy

Hail Mary has long since been thought of as the sweet angelic girl. She has built her entire fan base on the fact and is constantly coming up with new ways to seem like a holy rolling girl. And in the daytime, she is. But when the sun goes down, Hail Mary lets her inner bad girl out. Hail Mary is not one for clubs and A-List bashes, she chooses to stay under the radar. This little wild child is best known for renting out residences and penthouse suites under her managers name for her no holds barred parties. Same guests at every bash. Some celebs, some wannabes, but definitely people that wouldn’t rat out the sweetheart that throws the best parties, or “Snow Balls” as they call them. It’s all been fun and games for Mary, until a couple weekends ago when she traded in the snow for some E. And I don’t mean E exclamation point. One night her boyfriend was not attached to her hip, and she got a little randy with a her ex-boyfriend. And she wasn’t very private about it, it was in the middle of one of her parties. At least she had the decency to take him into the bathroom, but she should have been quieter. Everyone heard Hail Mary praying to God and when she emerged with the sex hair, Mary didn’t even attempt to fix it. Instead she walked over and did some bumps. Hail Mary has her current dish chasing her every move and her ex, who she is secretly stalking. No matter which guy really loves the snow job, they should realize she is after one thing. A-List baybe. Just a tip for Hail Mary’s boyfriend: she has been known to meet her ex when you think she is at church. It’s Sunday, do you know where your Hail Mary is? It’s Not: Reese Witherspoon; Britney Spears; Beyonce.

Most Popular Guess: Hillary Duff

My Guess:Amber Tamblyn

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