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Monday, May 10, 2010

Blind Item Reveal: Lea Michele Not So Gleeful to Work With

Ted C

Jeez, whenever we try to give people benefit of the doubt (à la Buck Me-Good), it turns out to bite us in the ass.

Remember how we told you the Glee kids were all, like, one moderately happy family—by Hollywood standards, that is?

Well, one snitty star on that totally lovable show is causing quite the dramatic ruckus, pulling a Heigl on set. And it just pains us to report this, but alas, it is our jobs. So let's get the nasty stuff over with, shall we?

Introducing Pat Poisonpuss, one of the main faces of Fox's hit show. Actually, Pat would probably smack us across the head for saying "introducing" before this sexy babe's name because, according to P.P., Pat has been in the Hollywood game forever. So much more than the minions (crew and fellow actors) Poisonpuss is "forced" to deal with everyday.

A source close to Team Awful recently visited the Glee set and reported, among other snitty deets, that Pat was totally isolated in between takes.

Pat, we're told, "really gave off the impression that [he or she?] is a huge diva," our insider dished. The set snooper insisted P.P. positively reeked of entitled-itis—think it's going to be catching soon on that show, too.

But say it ain't so! We're told diva doesn't even begin to describe how bitchy this par-tick star behaved, not mingling with anyone, choosing, instead to do eye-rolls over in a corner while other actors we're doing their bits. Talk about tacky!

But hey, maybe it's a method-acting kinda thing? You know, P.P. is just trying to stay in character in between takes? Could that be it?

We're choosing to believe that scenario, 'cause we think Pat is a total fox and supertalented.

Anyway, hopefully this seminew celeb won't get too big a tude, 'cause this behavior so screams Katherine Heigl.

And It Ain't: Dijon Talton, Heather Morris, Harry Shum Jr.

 Most Popular Guesses: Lea Michele, Jane Lynch

My Guess: Dianna Agron

Answer: Lea Michele.....

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