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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blind: Injured By The Wind


This celebrity has a significant other that has been in the press every once in a while for the recent projects he’s been working on. The man seems by all accounts a decent guy, but has an unusual habit. He engages in “wind bathing.” He stands on a balcony, completely nude and let’s his body be bathed in wind. He believes it has certain benefits. When the celebrity discovered this, she was amused and thought it would be fun to combine wind bathing into their steamy love life. In the course of trying to do this, a small tragedy occurred. It was extremely windy and stormy and a large pot blew off the balcony, injuring the boyfriend. He’s publicly blamed the injury on something else, but it happened this way and put a damper on his current projects. Not Eva Longoria or Tony Parker.

Most Popular Guess: David Beckham and Posh

My Guess: Tom Brady And Gieselle

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