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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blind: Heroine Mom


I know I have not written about C*ke Mom in awhile, but I may have found someone better. Well, not a better mom, but this person is a much bigger star. Much. Like A list movie actress big or very, very close to it. Anyway, our actress has always come across as the victim or the martyr in her personal life. However, if you dig a little deeper under the surface you will see that she has issues. Now that she is alone again she has big issues. While you may see her with her child/ren out on the streets or something, that is the only time she spends with her child/ren. The rest of the time she sits in her bedroom, watching movies and television and shooting up. She has the most ridiculous h*roin habit and the only time she sees sunlight is when she takes her child/ren somewhere to keep up appearances.

Most Popular Guess: Angelina Jolie

My Guess: Halle Berry

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